Screen Cloth - Types & Applications
Note: where indicated, mesh is strands per square inch, diameter is strand size

Allergy Screen
The PollenTec Screen was introduced in 2007 and is available at The Screen Shoppe. Its unique construction allows fresh air to flow into your rooms while filtering out up to 100% of pollens. Testing was conducted by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). The tests results verified that 100% of grass pollens, 99.71% of birch pollen, 93.1% of Stinging Nettle-pollen, 90.9% of Ragweed pollen were captured by the PollenTec screen.

Fiberglass Screen
• The most economical & commonly used screen material for window and door screens
• Flexible, will not dent or crease
• Good Visibility
• Color: Charcoal or Gray
• Mesh: 18 x 16, Diameter: .011”

ClearAdvantage Screen
• For window and door screens offering excellent visibility from the inside, better curb appeal from the outside, and maximum air flow
• Flexible, will not dent or crease
• Excellent Visibility . . . almost invisible!
• Color: Black
• Mesh: 20  x 20, Diameter .008”

Heavy Duty Pool & Patio Screen
• Heavy-duty fiberglass mesh designed for use in pool, patio, porch and sun room enclosures. Ideal for larger openings where extra strength is needed. Recommended for sliding screen doors & porches. Will not dent or crease
• Good Visibility
• Color: Black
• Mesh: 18 x 14, Diameter: .013”

• Most commonly used for large porch screens. Probably the most durable screen cloth available. Will stand up to high wind blowing debris, golf balls, pet paws and more. Ideal for door & window applications where pets are an issue.
• Decent Visibility
• Color Black
• Mesh: 16 x 14 standard, and 17 x 20 fine mesh

Aluminum Screen
• Most commonly used for window screens now-a-days. Can be used in doors & porches, but it does dent & crease, bird beaks leave round holes in the screen. Best for an area not exposed to wear & tear.
• Very Nice Visibility
• Color: Charcoal or Black
• Mesh: 18 x 16

Solar Screen
• Most commonly used for openings where direct sun & heat gain is a problem. Can also be used for privacy. Blocks out 75% of the sun’s rays
• Poor Visibility by design . . . very hard to see through
• Color Black
• Mesh: 54 x 18, diameter .011”

Pet Screen
• Most commonly used on doors where pets jump up or claw at. This stuff will stand up to Stephen King’s “Kujo”.
• Fair Visibility . . . hard to see through
• Color Black

• Most commonly used where little buggers (called NoSeeUms down south) are a problem, especially in damp or low lying areas. Can be used for windows, doors & porches.
• Fair Visibility
• Mesh: 20 x 20, Diameter .013”